Internet Explorer Error - Map Not Loading on Map Page

If, upon loading the map page, you only see a blue screen with a white bar at the top, it means something is preventing the map from loading. When encountered in Internet Explorer, this is often caused by Compatibility View (also called Compatibility Mode). Compatibility View is extremely problematic; it makes your web browser run like it's IE 7.0 or older, which means Salesforce and Geopointe (and most of the rest of the Internet) will not work correctly.

Below are different methods for ensuring Compatibility View is not running.

If Using IE 9:
You'll see something that looks like a ripped sheet of piece of paper on the far right in your URL bar. If the icon is colored (usually blue), Compatibility View is running; click the icon to disable it.

For IE 9, 10, or 11:
Go to Tools >> Compatibility View Settings. Check the list of websites. If Salesforce or Google or any of our other external services are listed there, please remove them from the list. Also make sure that "Display intranet sites in Compatibility View" is UNchecked. This option has a negative effect on Salesforce.

Once you've made these changes, close your browser and clear your internet cache. Try and load the map again. If you still can't see the map, please reach out to us to investigate further.