Deleting a Map Object

Map Objects are deleted in Geopointe Setup under the Map Objects tab. Locate the Map Object you want to delete. Click Deactivate to the left of it. After it's been deactivated, Delete shows up as an option.

What if I don't see Deactivate next to my Map Object?
That means another Map Object is pointing to it. For example, if you want to delete Accounts, Opportunities or Contacts may also be pointing to the same geocodes. You'll need to Deactivate/Delete or change the address location of those objects before deleting the parent object.

I'm deleting my Map Object because of storage space. How long before the space gets cleared up?
If you let it happen on its own, it can take up to ~1 week to delete them, depending on when the Geocode Cleanup job last ran. You can kick off this job manually faster, though. Go to the Batch Jobs tab in Geopointe Setup and click the Run Cleanup Job link next to the Geocoder. Wait for that job to finish and they'll be deleted.

Does this affect the parent objects in any way? I want to make sure nothing will get deleted out of Salesforce.
Your data will be fine. The only change that will occur to your records is the Last Modified Date. When the Map Object is deleted, the geocode look-up connection is severed, so the Geocode field will be blanked out.