Integrating with ActionGrid

ActionGrid is an amazing tool that allows you to very easily navigate the Salesforce Data Model without all clicking and waiting for full page refreshes. ActionGrid is Geopointe aware and includes features to make the most of both apps. The ActionGrid team produced a video demonstrating the integration.

​Adding ActionGrid to Geopointe

To add ActionGrid as a new Action within Geopointe, open the Geopointe Setup page. Then click the “Actions” tab:

​Click the New Action button and fill in the fields to match the values as follows:

Please note that you’ll need to replace the text in the Link URL with a URL that’s applicable to your org. For example, if your org is on NA15, change the text to read: If you have a custom domain, you’ll need to use that instead.

Now, the custom ActionGrid action should appear in the menu:

After mapping data and clicking the button, you’ll be taken to a new window of the selected records in ActionGrid!