Saved Layers Folders

Geopointe supports organization and permissioning with Data Set folders. Geopointe Admins (users who have the Geopointe Admin permission set) and Salesforce System Admins have the ability to create/edit Data Set Folders for their organization.

To create a new folder, click on the + icon, then click the Folder option. 

Give your folder a name, then click Create Folder. Optionally, you can check the Share with All Users option to immediately give all users access to the folder, instead of setting up sharing rules later. 

Once created, you'll see it in the Data Set folders list. Underneath it is a note that says This folder is empty. Click to Delete. You can only delete an empty folder, to prevent accidental data set deletion. 

Managing Folder Access

Geopointe folders use the Salesforce Sharing Model to provide visibility to users in the organization. This allows administrators to create very refined visibility rules folder by folder, or even use the Sharing Rules in Salesforce Setup to administer folder access. When a data set is put into a folder, only the users with permission to that folder will be able to access it.

Follow these steps to edit folder access for your organization:

1. Click the menu icon next to the folder name, then click Sharing Details

The Salesforce Sharing Detail screen loads for that folder, showing all the users that currently have access to the folder, and their level of access. 

2. Click the Add button. The New Sharing screen loads. 

3. Click the Group Type drop-down and select which type of group access you want to provide. Use the arrows to add or remove groups, roles, or specific users to the folder, then use the Access Level drop-down to set the access to Read Only or Read/Write. Click Save.

In the example below, we provided Read Only access to anyone with the Marketing Team role, so that Marketing Team users can view that folder and it's layers, but not edit them. If you want to provide full editing access to groups or users, set their Access Level to Read/Write


Adding Layers to Folders

To add a data set or other saved layer to a folder, click the layer menu icon to edit the layer. Click the Folder drop-down, choose the folder you want, then Save the layer.

You will now see that Data Set underneath that folder in the drop-down.

If you expect to use one folder heavily, don't worry. The Map page remembers which folders you had open when you left and will leave them open on your next load. All data sets not placed in a specific folder will remain below the folders.


  • Every user has a folder called My Personal Data Sets. Each user is able to create a Data Set and make it personal to them. When they do, that Data Set will be placed in that folder. 
  • Prior to the March '15 Geopointe release, Data Sets were only public or private. Now, all private data sets are placed into the My Personal Data Sets folder. All public Data Sets will remain displayed outside of a folder until an administrator creates one.
  • Only admins can create new folders. 
  • The folders are store in a custom object called Geopointe Folder, API name of geopointe__GP_Folder__c. Each record's sharing rules drive visibility to the data. This object will not contain records for My Personal Data Sets folder.