Salesforce Mobile App Issues - Lightning Components, My Domain Settings, Clickjack Protection

Having certain features turned on can have a negative impact on the Salesforce mobile app. The following are a few settings to check if the app is not behaving as expected.

Do you have Lightning Components enabled? This frequently causes problems for our customers. To confirm and deactivate it, go to: Setup | Develop | Lightning Components. Make sure the Enable Lightning Components box is unchecked and Save.

If you are a using a customized domain to access Salesforce, you'll want to make sure the domain is set up correctly. Go to Setup | Domain Management | My Domain. If enabled, make sure your Redirect policy is set to 
Redirect users to the same page within the domain.

Your sessions settings could also be a problem. G
o to Setup | Security Controls | Session Settings and uncheck the box next to Enable clickjack protection for non-setup customer Visualforce pages. Click Save.

If you continue to have problems after changing each of these settings, please let us know.