Grant a User Shape Editing Access

Once a shape has been created by an administrative user, it's possible that another user could need to edit the shape later. By default, Geopointe only allows shape owners to edit their own shapes. To give a user permission to edit another user's shape, they need the Modify All permission for the Geopointe Shapes Object. This can be done at the profile level or by creating a permission set.

Permission Set (Recommended)

1. Navigate to the Permission Sets page in Salesforce Setup. Click New, then click Edit.   

2. Locate Geopointe Shapes under Object Settings (new UI) or Custom Object Permissions (old UI) and check the box to enable the Modify All permission.

3. Click Save and apply to specific users or profiles.


This method is best for administrative users, not end users.

1. Navigate to the Profiles page of Salesforce Setup.

2. Click the profile name you want to give edit access to.

2.  Locate Geopointe Shapes under either Object Settings (new UI) or Custom Object Permissions (old UI), and turn on the Modify All permission. Save.

To be clear, if you grant a user the "Modify All" permission for Geopointe Shapes, that user will be able to read/edit/delete/share ALL shape records. Geopointe Shapes are just custom objects, and the standard Salesforce security model applies.