What demographics data is available?

Geopointe provides US Census Demographics data for our users to place on the map as a visual overlay (it's not not interactive or writable into Salesforce). The data comes from the American Community Survey (ACS), which is an annual survey conducted by the Census Bureau. We are currently using data collected from 2010- 2014 (5 year annual estimates from the survey). 

Statistical levels (Granularity) offered for this data include: State, County, Census Tract and Census Block.

We also provide various metrics not limited to the following:
  • Age (Median)
  • Commute Time (Average)
  • Household Income (Average)
  • Household Income (Median)
  • Household Size (Average)
  • Housing Units (Total)
  • Population (Total)
  • Poverty Rate (%)
  • Martial Status (% Married)
  • Race