Mixpanel is not defined

This error message means Mixpanel (part of the underworkings of Geopointe) is being blocked so it isn't loading. Typically users that have reported this see it go away soon after. If it's persistent, we have some suggestions for you to try:

1. List Mixpanel as a trusted site with your network and/or firewall. Here is our doc about Data Security Practices, which lists who we communicate with: Those should all be on your trusted site list.

2. Clear your internet cache. Check to see if it’s your entire computer or if it’s just that one web browser. If multiple web browsers are getting the same error, it is likely a security setting by the company or even your service provider.

3. Do you have any plug-ins that could be blocking it, such as AdBlock or a similar service? They could be erroneously blocking it in the background.