Uninstall Geopointe

Uninstalling Geopointe is a simple process, but has a couple of prerequisites before completing successfully.

If your Geopointe trial has already expired, please send an email to us. We are going to have to activate you briefly for you to complete the steps.

Remove User Permissions

Go to Geopointe Setup. At the top of the Organization Settings is a button to Remove User Permissions. Click that and wait for the page to refresh. This will run a background job to delete the associations between your users and our permission set.

Cancel Jobs

If you scheduled the Geocoder to run, you need to also cancel this. Scroll down to the Scheduled Jobs section and click Cancel Jobs. Wait for the page to refresh. The item in the list should disappear if the cancellation was successful.

Uninstall Geopointe

Now that you have completed the prerequisite steps, you can complete the uninstall. Go to Salesforce Setup and click on Installed Packages. Next to Geopointe, click Uninstall. This will kick off the Uninstall sequence and should complete without problems as long as the two prerequisites have been completed.

Common Complications

With any luck, your uninstall will go smoothly without errors. However, here are a few that our users run up against most often that may help you navigate the process.

Buttons are still on page layouts - If you have including the Map or Map Records buttons on an page layouts, you'll need to remove them first, as they are part of the package. The Uninstall warning should give you links to exactly where these are being used for easy removal.

A HUGE list of errors that is practically unreadable - Slow down, there. Your remove permissions job is still running. Relax, give it a few minutes, and try again. It will likely work that second time.

While trying to access Geopointe Setup, you receive an error - You were probably too quick to remove licenses. Removing licenses is not a required step in the uninstall process. You likely need to re-assign yourself a license to complete the uninstall.

A Validation Rule or Trigger error - If these show up during uninstall, you likely have done some custom development against Geopointe that will need to be deactivated or deleted before it can uninstalled.

An Internal Server Error occurs - Eek! I hope it doesn't happen. If it does, it's likely not something we can help with, but you'll need to reach out to Salesforce support. Don't hesitate to drop us a line first, though.

Of course, other things can happen during uninstall that are somewhat unpredictable. If you experience something that doesn't fit any of the above scenarios, we're happy to help. Just submit a support case.