Analytics Setup

Before setting up Analytics, make sure to complete the Post Installation Steps. If you don’t, you won’t get very far.

Geopointes Analytics is an add-on license that allows for geo-analytical reporting of Salesforce data, whether it be 100 records or 100,000+ records. Production trials have full access to the Analytics module; sandboxes and current Geopointe customers may log a case to start an Analytics trial.

Analytics Setup

Analytics Setup is located on the Geopointe Setup tab next to the Org Settings. You can find it on the right hand inside in its own module.


If this is the next thing you see, it means one of two things:


  1. You are in a Production Trial and skipped the Post-Installation Steps. Back up and do those first. Once you have completed them, come back to this screen.
  2. You are in a Sandbox Trial or are a Current Geopointe Customer. Send an email to us to inform us you want a trial. We’ll turn the trial on for you. Once we have confirmed your Analytics trial is active, return to this page.

Accept Terms

The first time you access the page, you will be asked to acknowledge that you understand that Analytics will send your Salesforce data to a 3rd party (SpatialKey) for the purposes of providing the analytical reporting capabilities. Agree and continue.


Setup – Production Trials

When on a production trial, the setup screen will look like this:


We have made the process very easy for you. All you have to do is make sure the Allow Trial Access box is checked and then click Save Organization Preferences. Anyone with access to Geopointe during the trial will now also have SpatialKey access.

Setup – Sandboxes and Existing Customers

If you start using Analytics in a sandbox or in Production after purchasing Geopointe, you must assign a Geopointe user Analytics as an add-on license.  Only Geopointe users will be shown in the list. Note: If a person is not showing up, it is because they have not accessed Geopointe yet. Have them log in and access the Map or Visualize tabs. That will alert the system to their license and add them to the list.

The License Information section informs you how many licenses you have allotted for the different tiers, as well as outlining the differences between the tiers and their data limits. In the Users section, select which tier to assign to which users. Click Save User Assignments.


Optional Settings

  • Allow Private Data Sets – This check box allows end-users to send private Data Sets to Analytics. If unchecked, only public Data Sets will be available to select.
  • Can Push Org-Wide Data Sets – By default, a user has access to data sets they push personally.  This check box allows users the privilege to push “org-wide” data sets, meaning all other users can see it after it’s been synced to SpatialKey. This permission would generally be given to Admins. Note: Once data is in Analytics, Salesforce’s data security does not apply. Org-wide data sets push with the data visibility of the user pushing the data set.

Using Analytics

You are set up and ready to start using Analytics! Learn more about how to sync a data set to SpatialKey and watch a short video demonstrating its capabilities.