Organization Settings

This document details the options and fields in for your organization’s Geopointe settings, as a supplement to the Post-Installation Steps. This information is edited in the Org Settings tab of Geopointe Setup.

Organization Information

Organization ID

This is a randomly assigned code identification code for your company by Salesforce. This is not editable.

Contact Information

Click Edit at the top of the screen. The information asked for is self explanatory: basic company contact information. All standard address fields are required.

Mapping Preferences

Default Country Code

When entering address data in Salesforce, often the country is left blank. If your data has no country value, the value stored here is used. Enter the ISO code of your default country. Provided link will help you identify it.

Minimum Zoom

This is the minimum zoom a user is allowed to be in to search. The furthest zoom level is 0 (world view). Both mapping providers have zoom levels that range from 0 to 18.

Maximum Radius

This is the maximum search radius for your organization. If you have a large database, this prevents users from unmanageably running queries. If you have no need to restrict your users, pick a high number.

Same Location Markers


This preference sets the visual appearance for multiple records at the same location. Default Off will not display same location markers, and it will appear as a single pin. Default On will display a circle containing a number indicating how many records are at that same location.

Check-in Preferences

Check-in Creates Task

When checked, a completed task against the parent record is created when a user checks in from Geopointe Mobile. For more information on how check-ins work, check out this document.

Check-in Task Subject Prefix

This changes the task subject. By default, a Check-in task is prefixed with “Check-In:”. If another value would be more useful to your company (perhaps something like “Visited Site:” or “Arrived:”), you can input that here.

Post Check-In Image to Feed


If checked, an image of a map showing where the check-in occurred will be included on the Chatter feed.

Batch Geocode Preferences

Log Batch Geocode Results

When checked, the system creates an Activity upon completion of each Geocode Batch Run. Geopointe is packaged with activity views you can use to locate geocode activities easily.

Email Batch Geocode Results

When checked, the system emails results to the running user upon completion of each Geocode Batch Run. The running user is typically the one who scheduled the process to run. We recommend that you only do this for testing or troubleshooting purposes, otherwise you will be bombarded by emails.

Notify If No Records To Process

When checked, the system sends a notification for every scheduled Geocode run, even if there are no records to process.

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