Setup Check-Ins

Check-ins can be performed one of two ways in Salesforce1. They can either be done directly from the Map when viewing a record result or as a publisher action on a record. Both methods work in the desktop and Salesforce. You can use one or both of the methods listed below.

Which method should you use? It's up to you. From the map is fewer clicks, but from a record allows you to check-in without first running a search. Both methods result in the same record creation. You can learn more about Check-ins here.

From the Map | From a Record | Check Outs

Check-ins from the Map

Checking in from the map is a standard action in Geopointe. To activate it, go to Geopointe Setup, then Actions tab. In the list of Point Actions you will see Check In. Click Edit next to it and activate it for which map(s) you plan to use it on. This can be the web map, Salesforce1, or both. Click Save when done. 

Check-ins from a Record

Geopointe Check-ins are also available for any object with a Chatter feed as a Publisher Action. If you have not already enabled Publisher Actions in your Salesforce org, read these Salesforce support docs first:

Publisher Actions Overview
Setting up Publisher Actions

Once Publisher Actions have been enabled in your org, navigate to the page layouts where you want to enable Check-ins. Drag and drop the Check In Salesforce1 Action into the Salesforce1 Action Bar section on the page layout. (Can you drag the Quick Actions Check in to the Quick Actions panel? Yes, you can. But that only works in Chatter on the web, not in SF1.)

Add Check In Publisher Action

IMPORTANT: Do not set Check In as the first Publisher Action. It messes up your Record Feeds.

Check Outs

If you need to record how long your team spends at a location, you can with the use of a Check Out. Check Outs are completely optional if you're using Check-ins, but you'll want to note that you can't Check Out without first Checking in.

Check Outs are set up the same way as Check-ins with just a slight change. The changes necessary are outlined below.

From the Map
Check Out setup is identical to Check-in setup with the exception of the URL.

Link URL: /apex/geopointe__CheckOut?id={!Id}&sf1=true

From a Record
In the Actions selector, on a Page Layout, you'll see a Check Out action as well. Drag it into the Salesforce1 Actions Bar the same way as the other action. We typically recommend that you order them side-by-side.


Check-in Customizations

In Geopointe Setup, customizations can be applied to check-ins to make them better suit your business needs.

Custom Fields on Check-ins or Check-outs: Custom fields can now be added to the Check In/Out process. To do so, you'll need to first create a Field Set against the Task object. This is done in the following path: Salesforce Setup | Customize | Activities | Task Field Sets | New. Once the fields you want to add to the check-in are on a field set, go to Geopointe Setup and click Edit on the Org Settings tab. In the Check-In / Check-Out Preferences section, add the Field set to the Check-In Task Field Set preference. You could attach the same field set to both the Check-ins and Check-outs, or you could create separate ones. When finished, Save. Once set, those additional fields will be presented to the end user during a check-in. 

Ready to try it? Click here to learn how to check-in.