Set Up a Check-ins Map Object

Setting up check-ins as a map object allows you to analyze them in a number of different ways. Viewing weekly visits by a team or individual, analyzing quarterly visit patterns, and checking for honesty are just a few possible uses for the mapped check-ins.

Setting up check-ins is a little different than other objects. Instead of pointing to an address, check-ins need to point to their lat/longs.

To set up the object, you only need two things:

  1. Choose which field is most appropriate for the name. We suggest either the Check-in Number or the What (Text) field.
  2. The Latitude and Longitude fields: Where (Latitude) and Where (Longitude).

Go to Geopointe Setup | Map Objects and create a New Object.

Select Check-in.

Choose what field you want to use for the Name then attach the lat/long fields. It should look something like this:

When you're ready, click Save.

Note: These instructions assume that you are using Off Record geocoding for your check-ins. If storage is a concern for you, but may want to consider switching it to On Record. Check out these steps to see the additional requirements; the address fields remain the same.

Note #2: If the check-outs are also important, you can create a second Check-ins map object and instead use the Check Out Lat/long fields as the coordinate values.

Your check-ins are ready to map! Go to the Map tab, and you will now have a data Set named Check-Ins (All). You will likely want to create your own Data Sets for Check-ins. Read more about data sets here.