Geopointe Setup for Salesforce Mobile App

Geopointe for the Salesforce mobile app has a robust set of features that you can use on any mobile device, including Radial searches, Route planning, and Check-Ins, to name a few. There are a couple of items that need to be set up by a Salesforce Administrator for Geopointe to work on Salesforce mobile app.

Add the Geopointe App to the Salesforce Mobile App Menu

It’s easy for a Salesforce Administrator to add a custom app like Geopointe to the Salesforce mobile app. Here's how:

1. In Setup, navigate to Salesforce Navigation (under Mobile Administration). In Lightning, navigate to Mobile Apps (under Platform Tools | Apps.)

2. In the list of Available Navigation Menu Items, select Map and click the right arrow to add it to the list of selected Menu Items.  You can move it up or down to control where it falls in the order of the selected tabs.

3. Click Save.

SF1MobileNavigation Setup

Now the Geopointe Map tab will appear in the Salesforce Mobile App Menu for Geopointe users.

Geopointe Mobile for Salesforce 1

Note: If you are an existing Geopointe customer, you may not see the Geopointe logo on the Map tab in the Apps menu. To enable that logo, follow the steps outlined here.

Configure Session Settings

To optimize the mobile experience, we recommend disabling clickjack protection for Visualforce pages. Clickjack protection is a security mechanism, but it can cause display issues for the mobile site.

To disable it:

1. In Setup, navigate to Session Settings (in Classic, under Security Controls; in Lightning, under Security.)

2. Deselect the boxes next to the Enable clickjack protection for non-setup customer Visualforce pages...  settings.

3. Click Save.

That’s it. Geopointe for the Salesforce mobile app is ready to go for your users. For a few additional ways you can optimize the mobile experience, see the articles linked below.

Common Troubleshooting Steps and FAQ

Q: I received an Insufficient Privileges error; what should I do?
A: Click Set User Permissions on Geopointe Setup

Q: I see gray screen; what should I do?
A: Double-check the Session Settings as outlined above.

Q: It won’t show my location; what should I do?
A: Make sure Location Services are enabled on your device, and click "yes" to allow location when prompted.

What’s Next?

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