What's wrong with my Map Object name field?

When you set up a Map Object in Geopointe, the Name field is key. It determines the title of the records on the map, as well as in the list for the search results. If you see something strange like this:

Its because the name field in your Map Object is pointing at something like the Salesforce Record ID, instead of a display friendly field like Name.


If you have this problem, follow these steps to fix it:

In Geopointe Setup, click on the Map Objects tab. Click Edit next to the Map Object whose name field you want to change. Click [change] next to Name Field, then select a more appropriate field. 


Map Object Name Field

Pro Tip! You can also create a custom formula field in Salesforce to make a custom name display field for Geopointe. For example, if you were mapping cases you might want to display the Case number and the Contact Name on your map pins. Just create a custom text formula field in Salesforce, and then point the Name field in the Map Object to that custom field.