Data Set Marker Configuration

Geopointe's highly customizable markers allow you to customize the location markers to best suit your needs visually on the map. Markers can be customized in the following ways:

  • Static markers, no icon
  • Static markers, with icon
  • Color by field, using set color palette
  • Color by field, using custom color rules
  • Color by field, using ranges and custom color rules
  • Color by field, any combination above with icons

Accessing the Markers Configuration Tab

To edit the markers on a data set, pull up the Map page. In the Saved Layers window, located the data set you would like to edit. When you hover over the name of the data set, 3 vertical dots will appear on the right, click on the dots and select "Edit Data Set" from the options available. 

Upon initial load, the Markers tab is pretty basic with very little information:

Let’s run through the different capabilities of the various marker types, and how to use them to your advantage.

Static Markers

Static Markers are your simplest option. Every resulting map pin will be the same type. Customize it by clicking on the sample marker.

The customization box pops up with a number of customization options. First is a color picker palette. The second is an optional icon.

Among the icon options, you also have a lettering option. In the icons, you'll notice an ABC option near the blank option. Type the letters in there you want (max is 3), and it will be reflected on the pin.

Once you’re happy with your selections, click the X to return to the main screen.

When you’re done, click Save to overwrite the current data set or Save As to create a new data set with your new markers. You can also just Close and see the changes on your search without saving.

Color By – Field Value

You have two color scheming options for Field values. You can use a pre-existing palette of random colors, or you can fully customize the colors based on the field value.

To start, change the Marker Type from Static to Color by Field.

It may default to a specific field, but you can change it by clicking on the field name. Doing so will bring up a field selection window and you can choose any field you want to sort by. For this demonstration, I want to color by Account Rating. After selecting it, it will ask me if I want to overwrite the current settings. Click OK to continue.

For picklists, your possible values will populate for you. For text fields, you will have to type in your own rules.

Changing the marker attributes works the same as for the static icon. Change each one individually. I chose red with flames for Hot, a green for Warm, and blue for Cold.

Now I also want to Add Color Rule for accounts that don’t have a rating set. If I click the button, a new box shows up at the bottom of the list with a new pin. I’m going to leave the box blank and change the color accordingly.

I’m happy with my (slightly odd) color palette, so I’m going to go ahead and Save. When I run my next  search, my pins load in the new color scheme, the values visible on the Map Legend tab.

Color By – Field Range

There are times that you want to color by a range of values; an individual value is hardly appropriate for a numeric or monetary field. Instead, you can use the color rules to set ranges.

I’m going to make new marker rules for an Opportunities data set, based off of Amount. Once the field is selected, I am given default values to edit.

As you change the From column, the To column adjusts accordingly. Add as many color rules as you would like to your range, and change the markers to your liking. Don’t forget to Save.

The changes are reflected in my next search:

Possible Use Cases and Color Schemes

Need some ideas to help jog you into creating your own color and icon schemes? See if these help you:

  • Hot leads in red, cold leads in blue
  • Lost Opportunities in red, Open opportunities in yellow, Won opportunities in green
  • Residential properties in blue with a house icon, commercial properties in yellow with an office building

Map Labels Instead of Pins
Sometimes you would rather see the Name (or another field) on the Map instead of just a lonely Map Pin. Now you can Label your Map Pins in Geopointe. This setting can be turned on by editing the data set. 
Locate the data set you would like this turned on for, when you hover over the name, 3 vertical dots should appear. If you click on the 3 vertical dots, a drop down of options should appear, select Edit Data Set from the list. 

This will take you to the Edit Data Set options. You will need to click on the Marker tab, you should now see a link that says "Click here to select Label Field". When you click on this link you will be given a list of fields to label your map pins by. (For this example I selected Account Name). 

Make sure that you save any changes. Then you can run a search and see your Labels on the Map.

What Next?