Adding Additional Fields to the Map Results List View

By default, the Mapped Data table will populate three columns for you, which vary depending on the type of object that you referenced. In the case of Accounts data sets, it will automatically include Account Name, Address, and Geocode Quality. These fields cannot be removed from the table, however you can add additional fields from the object.

To add more fields to your data set, follow these steps:

1. Hover over the data set, click on the Layer Options menu (the 3 vertical dots) and select Edit Data Set.

2. Navigate to the Fields tab and click Add Field

3. Click the field you want to add, then click Select. Repeat until you have added all the fields you want. In the example below, we added Full Name, Account Rating, and Account Phone.

4. Choose which places you want the new fields to appear by checking Show in Table (displays in the Mapped Data table) and/or Show in Info (displays in the info window when a map pin is clicked.) Click and drag the three lines icon to change the order of the fields. 

The screencap below shows our new fields in the Mapped Data table:

The screencap below shows how the new fields appear when we click a record from the data set:

There is no limitation to the number of fields you can add to the Mapped Data Table, but there is a limit to how many will be displayed in the interface. This number will vary based on the length of the name of the fields you are adding. If you add more fields that can be displayed, they will still appear in the spreadsheet when using the Export to .CSV action.

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