Why is Geopointe using so much storage space?

If Geopointe is using a lot of storage space, you are probably using off-record geocoding. This means that every record you see on the map will also have a corresponding geocode record storing the address, cleaned address, geocode quality, and coordinates returned from the geocoder. We recognize that this can pose problems when users reach data limitations.  

Here are some suggestions to help you reduce the storage being used by your geocode data:

1. Switch to on-record geocoding. The information stored on separate records can be moved to the parent record. When you make this data change, the system will automatically delete the geocode records no longer needed. See our doc for On Record Geocoding to learn how to make the change.

2. If you have any map objects that are pulling their addresses from the same place, then you can use a referencing map object to eliminate that object's geocode records. (This is ideal for Opportunities and Accounts. Depending on your object configuration, you may be able to create a Map Object for Accounts, and then create an Opportunities Map Object that points to Accounts).

3. If there are certain types of records that you don't need to put on the Map, you can add a SOQL filter to the Map Object to prevent them from being geocoded. This is done at the Map Object level and the filter must be written in SOQL. Check out this article on Creating SOQL Filters, and let us know if you need further guidance. 

Once you’ve done one (or both) of those steps, go to the Batch Jobs tab in Geopointe Setup. Click the Run Cleanup Job button. After that job completes, all of the orphaned geocodes will be moved to the recycle bin. That should clear up the space, but sometimes you have to empty the recycle bin to see the change. (You must switch to the Classic interface to see and empty the recycle bin.)