Tutorial: How to Access Geopointe

​You can access it one of two ways.

1. Change the app to Geopointe. In Salesforce Classic, click the dropdown in the top right of any Salesforce page, select App Launcher, then select Geopointe. The screen will likely default to the Map tab when Salesforce reloads. (In Lightning, click the App Launcher icon on the left side of the navigation menu.)

2. The plus sign. Click the + (All Tabs) icon in the navigation menu, then select Map. (In Lightning, there is not an All Tabs icon but you can scroll down to All Items in the App Launcher and you should find Geopointe there.)

To provide users with access to Geopointe on the Salesforce mobile app, an administrator will need to add it as a Salesforce Mobile menu item. This doc shows how:

If neither of these options work for you, it may be a profile settings issue. An admin will want to run through the steps in this doc ( Reach out to us if you need to do some further investigation.