How can I get Geopointe licenses?

There are a number of ways you can get started or add users once you are already a customer:

1. You can sign up from the Geopointe Setup page. An orange Buy Licenses button is available on the page. For those on Trial, it's front and center. For customers, it's off to the right side. This will bring you to our Checkout page ready to go to place an order. Completing the order will require a credit card purchase. 

2. Go direct to our Checkout Page. You will need your Salesforce Organization ID to begin the process. This can be found in Salesforce via Setup | Company Profile | Company Information. (In Lightning, find it via Setup | Company Settings | Company Information.)

3. If you need to process an order internally through your Accounts Payable department, reach out and let us know the number of licenses you need. We'll send an order form out and/or get you in contact with your Account Executive.