We use multiple address fields on an object and we want to see them all on the map. Is that possible?

Yes, it is! You can create multiple Map Objects per Salesforce object by pointing each Map Object to each set of address fields.

Here is a video example of what the process looks like to set up a second Map Object on an object:

For Off Record geocoding, your Salesforce object will require a second geocode look-up field. For On Record geocoding, it will require a second set of coordinate/geocode quality fields. All other instructions outlined on the Map Object documentation still apply.

You have some other alternatives as well. If your need is more of a primary vs. second address, you may want to consider formula fields and a single Map Object. They would be set up something like, 'if this criteria is met, use billing, else use shipping'. Then you point Geopointe to the formula fields instead. You would want to create one formula field for each part of the address: street, city, state, postal code, and country.

An alternative use of the formula fields is tying the formula field to the conditions of a picklist or checkbox. Then as you update that picklist or check box, the location Geopointe pulls the address from will also be updated.