How do I change who has a Geopointe license?

Note: To complete these steps, make sure to switch to the Classic Interface. Some of these options are not available in Lightning.

To manage users, navigate to Installed Packages in Salesforce Setup. Scroll down to Geopointe and click Manage Licenses next to it (if you do not see the Manage Licenses option, you do not have the profile permissions to edit them). On the next page, you will be able to add and remove users. If the user you are looking for does not appear in the list, you can search for them using the alphabet in the upper right.

For more information about the profiles and management of users, click here.

Are you looking to purchase more licenses for new users? If so, you can either go to the Geopointe Setup tab in the application and click the Buy Licenses button or go to our checkout page and enter your organization ID to get an order going.  If you have any questions, please log a case